About Unofficial RSS

Unofficial RSS is a tool that creates personal RSS feeds for subscribers of premium podcasts. These RSS feeds can be used in almost any podcast app, just like any other podcast.

It currently supports Stitcher Premium podcasts.

The service stores zero personal data or login information.

Unofficial RSS is maintained by the creators of Podbay, an independent podcast company working to make the digital spaces around podcasts more exciting, open, and sustainable over the next decade.

If you appreciate the service provided here, please take a few minutes to preview out our new web product at Podbay.fm. It's lightning-fast, uncluttered, and intuitive, and never requires a login. We also have mobile apps launching later this year, and a variety of experimental new features and demos launching soon.

Special thanks to John Long, the creator of the original Unofficial RSS Feeds for Stitcher project. You can find him at 128.io, and view his original project's source here.

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